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Ask To Solve

We were looking to make a functional brochure site for our newly founded organisation. We did not have much resources – monetary, time, ideas. We still wanted to create something to have presence in the cyber world. That is when Amit came across and he met our requirements ditto. I like his approach, i.e., understanding objectives, showing options, making it , correcting it, going live, handholding and teaching us to maintain (contents, analytics, security etc.) the whole stuff on our own. We were so happy that we ended up deciding to gain more from his expertise on a continuous basis so he now has AMC (annual maintenance contract) for our website. I hope that he will continue to add value to our site and identity in cyber space. He has already kicked off a monthly activity plan to keep the site upto date. I wish Amit and his organisation the very best.


Anuragi Raman
Chief Executive Officer
Ask-To-Solve Management Services Pvt Ltd

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